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Maxine Short is a freelance floral and landscape photographer based in Yonkers, New York, along the scenic Hudson River. Inspired by the symmetry and color palette found in nature, her work captures evocative floral images in ethereal settings.

Aquatic Bloom was conceived while sitting in medical waiting rooms and unable to to find visual comfort. Depending the circumstance, these moments are usually stressful as one can feel helpless and in mental limbo. A visual storyline to partially escape reality was in need. Florals are the standard imagery for waiting rooms and have been photographed extensively and attempting to display them differently was challenging. After many iterations/experiments Bloom was born.

The botanicals are submerged in water and various natural substances are added to simulate cloud formations. The rate of suspension, movement and dilution of the formations as they enter the frame creates a series of unique images. Each viewer’s interpretation will therefore reflect the perspective from which the series is experienced. For me, it is the cloud formations that transport the viewer's imagination through the sequence of images.

The Table Book captures the cloud formations as they drape the scene at the end of each bloom session.

Maxine has a background in financial consultancy and analysis and holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree from Fordham University.

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